How is India Oven Franchise Restaurants are responding to novel coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Our restaurants follow quality assurance and safety standards provided by Food and Health Department. We are also monitoring and following guidelines and taking comprehensive measures from WHO and CDC.

We have followed following norms

  • a) We are keeping our employees updated about every guidelines which are provided by trusted sources and ensure they are following the respective measures.
  • b) Our restaurants have strict policies in place for zero tolerance of employees working with any sickness.
  • c) We have hand sanitizers at our reception, they are placed appropriately near the bathrooms and other areas accessed by public.
  • d) Our menus, tables, check holders, table tops, and other utensils on table are cleaned after each guest checks out from the table.

Is it safe to order food from India Oven or dine in at any location?

Currently, there is no evidence that food or food packaging are associated with transmission of coronavirus per FDA, CDC and other trusted sources.
Our food is sourced from local superior farms. We encourage guests to pick up the food instead of ordering food delivery. We are happy to provide a 15% discount for picking up your food.

Why are employees at India Oven not wearing mask?

We have zero tolerance for employees having any sickness or health issues. The CDC does not recommend the use of mask for people who are healthy.
Masks are required for people who show symptoms for COVID 19.

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